Project "Parents for Parents"

Daetz-Stiftung Lichtenstein – Projekt Eltern für Eltern

Parents for Parents is a project by Daetz Foundation. The idea is that German and immigrant parents by using translators to talk about important issues concerning the German school system.
The aim was that a offer is created where interested parents to be informed so that they can support their children optimally in school. Immigrant parents presented mainly questions about the basics of the German school. German parents were mostly interested in the motivations and cultural differences among the immigrants. Thus, the participants were able to meet in the project and at the same time reduce misunderstanding and stereotypes.
The results are summarized on this website.

Wünsche der Kinder für die Eltern – Eltern für Eltern

Wishes of children and parents.

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Die Projektteilnehmer und ihre Herkunft – Eltern für Eltern

Which countries the project participants parents come from?

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Gesprächsrunden im Projekt Eltern für Eltern

What questions were frequently asked?

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Die Schulsysteme im Vergleich – Eltern für Eltern

The school systems in Germany and other important countries of origin

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