In the timetable all subjects for one school year are ordered. For a better overview the subjects are usually registered only with abbreviations. The week starts with Monday and ends on Friday. Accordingly the first hour is listed on the top left of the schedule.
Before enrollment in the first class there are information session for parents at the school. There, the timetable and other features are discussed.
On the following schedules will be explained by way of example how a timetable looks like and how it changes in different classes.
The most important abbreviations in class schedules and homework folders are:

  • Ma/Mathe – Mathematics
  • D/Deu – German
  • Sp – Physical education
  • Mu – Music
  • Ku – Arts
  • Wk – Work
  • Eng – English
  • Fra – French
  • Rus – Russian
  • Su – General knowledge
  • Ge – History
  • Re/Rel – Religion
  • Eth – Ethics
  • Ph – Physics
  • Ch – Chemny
  • Bio – Biology
  • Geo – Geography
Primary school in Saxony – Class 3
  • 26 hours (45 minutes each) lessons
  • Much German and math class
  • First foreign language, English
  • Here: Ethics instead religious education (parents always decide in elementary school)
  • Science subjects in terms of practical application: plants, science and social studies
  • No room numbers entered. Classes are held often in the same room, except sports, works and art.
Gymnasium in Saxony – Class 8
  • More lessons, 34 hours
  • In addition to English, also a second language, French. Which languages ​​are available depends on the school.
  • Fewer German, as in Class 3
  • Profile lessons (Prof.) can be selected, depending on the offers of the school, only at Gymansium
  • Science subjects: chemistry, physics, biology, geography
  • Religious education, child may choose from 14 years even if ethics or religion classes
  • History Teaching (hist)
  • Computer science
  • Room numbers unrecorded. But classes are held always in different rooms for each subject.
Vocational School in Saxony – Class 9
  • 40 hours lessons
  • Start and end times are listed in the left column
  • Room numbers are shown next to the hour. Depending on the school building the space for teaching is changed.
  • Working-groups (AG) are entered, Wednesday 9th and 10th hour, sports and video
  • In addition to English, Russian is a second language
  • Job-related subjects: T Lab (technology in the laboratory), Tech / construction (art in construction), Wi Re (Business Law)
  • Free hours are registered (-). During this time the children are in school and can do their homework. Older children, from 18 years of age may often leave the school grounds.
Oberschule in Sachsen – Jahresplan