School in Afghanistan

The public education in Afghanistan is organized centrally. The Ministry of Education develops regulations and quality assurance of educational and training systems. For higher education, there is a special Ministry responsible for. By 2011, there were in Afghanistan no vocational teacher training and no training system. Not in all areas there are training regulations and textbooks.

Craft enterprises train in the traditional way. This training is not regulated, that means, there are no entry requirements, no rules covering the duration of the training and also no specifications on the content.

The Islamic Education takes place in Dar-ul-Huffaz (classes 1-12). After successfully completing the 14th class to acquire the certificate of higher Islamic education / دیپلوم تعلیمات اسلامی.
In Afghanistan there is an official compulsory education from 7 and 13.

In public education system of Afghanistan following ranges:

  • General education: Classes 1-12 (primary education, secondary education I, secondary education II). Compulsory education is 9 years.
  • Islamic Education: Classes 1-14 (Islamic basic education and Islamic education)
  • Vocational training: Classes 10-14 (basic vocational education, higher vocational education, teacher training)

Higher Education: The university level is divided into two subregions: Bachelor and Master.

Country-specific characteristics:

The Afghan education system has collapsed in the years of civil war. Women and girls had no access to education during the Taliban rule. Since 2001, the education sector is being rebuilt. However, the central government has not yet succeeded in Kabul to establish well-functioning structures and to gain control over the country. Therefore, there is still a lack of training and study courses, educational institutions, equipment, teaching materials and qualified personnel.

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